NFC CoQ10/Antioxidant

NFC CoQ10/Antioxidant


NFC Antioxidant + Coenzyme Q10

NFC Antioxidant + Coenzyme Q10 is specially formulated to help protect against harmful free radicals. It contains all of the major antioxidant vitamins and minerals plus Coenzyme Q10, a substance that is found naturally in the body which helps convert food into energy. Antioxidants are any substance or substances that may prevent or impede cell oxidation (destruction) by free radicals. Free radical protection is especially beneficial for fertility for both the sperm and the egg and to protect against the aging effect of free radicals.

This supplement contains good levels of selenium, zinc, vitamin C and vitamin E in a natural form. Studies have shown that the natural form (Food State form) of these ingredients has a more potent effect on the body giving superior absorption and utilisation. Because the ingredients in our formula support each others’ functions and also help to recycle CoQ10 in the body, a smaller dose of CoQ10 is needed than often cited in other products.

An excellent multivitamin and mineral antioxidant supplement for short or long-term use.

This supplement can also be used in conjunction with other multivitamin and mineral formulae to significantly elevate antioxidant nutrient levels, such as NFC Essentials multivitamins. Speak to our nutritional therapist for more information on other products that can be combined with this Antioxidant formula.

Two capsules daily, 60 vegan tablets = 30 days supply

Ingredients: One tablets provides, on average: Vitamin E 16 mg, Vitamin C 100 mg, Zinc 2 mg, Selenium 100 μg, Beta Carotene 4.5 mg, Coenzyme Q10 1.5 mg, Bioflavonoids 25 mg


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One capsule daily, 30 vegan tablets = 30 days supply

Ingredients: Vitamin C 20mg, Bioflavonoids 80mg