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About NFC Essentials

NFC Essentials supplements are 'food state' which means they are less processed and synthetic than most supplements available today and are far better for your body. Because of their natural state your body is able to absorb a greater amount of the required minerals and vitamins than with other supplements, hence the smaller dosage. Not only that, because they are a food, they leave no harmful residue for your body to deal with, making them easier on your digestive system.


Our Products

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Vitamins and minerals are catalysts to help our body function more effectively in all circumstances and we wanted to supply the highest quality supplements to allow the body to work at it's best. 

The NFC Essential range is a 'food state' supplement - meaning that what is inside the capsules is closer to a food than a processed chemical. Food State is a manufacturing process that binds real food with vitamins and minerals. These are more easily recognised by the body and because they are more easily absorbed you receive the maximum benefit. Food State Supplements are - quite literally - the next best thing to food. If you look at the ingredients list on the bottles, the quantities are generally less than on the average, more processed, supplements because your body is able to absorb more from each capsule.

Our NFC nutritionist, Dr Jane Jamieson (PhD) helped to develop the 'nfc Essential' supplements and we based the formulae on her expertise plus our knowledge of what our patients needed. 

NFC Essential supplements contain the most comprehensive mix of minerals, antioxidants and vitamins available. Currently our range includes a high quality formula for women, for men and for during pregnancy as well as an Antioxidant + Co Q10 and a fish oil/Omega 3, derived from deep sea fish and therefore lower in toxins. 

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Our supplements are made for us, in the UK, by Oriental and Western Ltd. OWL are the result of over 30 years of research, development and formulations of the highest quality vitamins, minerals and herbs for use by health conscious consumers around the world.


About The Natural Fertility Centre

The Natural Fertility Centre is well known in Scotland and the UK for promoting natural conception & IVF Support using a combination of specialist acupuncture, nutrition and conception coaching to help our patients achieve successful conception and pregnancies. 

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Clinic Directors

Clinic Directors Rachael Forrest and Fiona Wolfenden set up The Natural Fertility Centre in 2004. Since then it has grown into a highly regarded centre of excellence for complementary fertility care. Early on in our work we realised that improving couples' nutrient intake was going to be a very important part of what we do so, working with our nutritionist Dr Jane Jamieson, we developed our specialist supplements to improve male and female patients' health.

All our supplements are based on our experience with patients in the clinic. We have treated well over 800 patients since 2012 and we recognise the recurring and common issues which allows us to formulate a range of supplements which should suit most couples.