All about quality

We spent 10 years treating fertility patients and recommending supplements before realising we really wanted to provide a product that we could completely believe in and honestly promote.  Although we always recommended high quality supplements to our patients they were never quite as good as wanted them to be so we enlisted the help of our nutritionist Dr Jane Jamieson (PhD) to formulate something really wonderful.

It took a year or more of planning and trials before we got what we wanted - our lovely NFC Essentials range.  They are perfect for anyone with fertility issues but I also give them to my teenage daughters, take the Vitamin C whenever I feel a cold coming on and take the Fish Oils when I run out of my Women's Formula.  I know they're doing me good because I can feel it and patients feel it too - it's not just wishful thinking on our part.

In the course of her research, Jane travelled to New Jersey to visit the growers of the food that goes into our supplements and was shown the process of binding food to minerals and vitamins.  Last year, I went down to Gloucestershire to visit Oriental & Western, our suppliers who bottle up the supplements and send them out to patients.  

That means that any time anyone orders one of our supplements from this site, we know where the food has come from, how it gets into the capsule, how the capsules get into the bottle, who puts the label on and who send them out to you. I like that and it makes us feel secure because we've seen it with our own eyes.  It might seem a small thing but as a provider of products, it is important to us that we provide the best and that we can believe it what we do (I've worked in PR before and I know from experience, it feels awful to have to sell something you don't believe in yourself).

In the clinic if I am recommending supplements to patients (and I usually do), I offer them alternatives so that they're not feeling coerced into buying from us.  Solgar and Viridian are both 'high end' ranges but they are still highly processed products.  Most people have bought or considered Pregnacare or Boots own brand but I recommend reading the labels (as with all things) and becoming more away of what's in what you're buying.  At a fertility conference recently, couples were being given sack-fulls of a well known male supplement for free but one look at the ingredients would have shown them that they contained sugar and talc - not useful for sperm improvement and detrimental to general health.  

In summary, with supplements, you really do get what you pay for.  Look at the ingredients and check for additives and bulking agents.  Look at where they come from and who is producing them.  If you are going to invest money on supplements then make sure you get the best quality so you're body doesn't have to work to eliminate half of the ingredients.  And get in touch with us if you have any questions!

Rachael Forrest